60 Leading Marketing Agencies in New York City (updated weekly)
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60 Leading Marketing Agencies in New York City (updated weekly)

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If you want the best digital marketing agency in New York City, you can’t go wrong with Junto. Junto is among the leading agencies that can help you grow your business. Some of the others are RAPP, BBDO, Ketchum, McGarryBowen, Droga5, and McCann Worldgroup.

If there’s a world capital of marketing agencies, it would be New York City. The city is brimming with marketing agencies specializing in many marketing services, including advertising, design, content creation, e-commerce development, and more.

These agencies can help you scale your business. However, because there is an ocean of marketing agencies, it can easily be overwhelming for brands seeking growth.

To help you navigate the agency marketplace and choose the right marketing agency, we have created this list of the best marketing agencies in New York.

The best advertising and marketing agencies in New York City are:

1. Junto

About Junto

Junto is a digital marketing company that helps firms grow faster than their competitors. The company has about 67 employees and manages over 60 million euros of advertising spend each year.

Junto has over 348 corporate clients. These include HiPay, PWC, Decathlon, Instant Gaming, Zaion, Get Influence, etc.

Junto Services

Junto offers a broad range of services, including

  • Consulting and media management
  • Business tracking and analytics. Helps firms set up data collection, cleaning, and analysis to improve business performance. Helps firms set up Google Analytics to achieve better marketing and sales results 
  • SEO optimization and netlinking. Helps firms scale their organic search traffic to increase the number of potential buyers
  • Design. Helps firms create premium visuals for their advertising campaigns.
  • Shopify growth. Help firms grow their e-commerce business on the platform.

Junto Results

Junto helped Doctrine, a SaaS software for lawyers, to develop its volume of prospects.

Junto helped Fraikin, a company that rents industrial and commercial vehicles, to increase its volume of MQL leads and improve the performance of its marketing automation strategy.

2. OpenMoves

About OpenMoves

OpenMoves is a digital marketing company. It was founded in 2000 and is based in Huntington, NY. OpenMoves now has over 30 employees and a host of clients.

Its clients include Northwell Health, The Art Institutes, Aspiranet, Shutterstock, Waterlogic, and Investing News Network.

OpenMoves Services

OpenMoves is a PPC (Pay Per Click) expert. Services include Paid Search, Paid Media, SEO optimization, and Email marketing to help you target the right audience and raise your visibility on Google and social media.

OpenMoves Results

OpenMoves helped a U.S. University with 8 locations lower media spending for student acquisition. Open Moves helped JustWorks generate leads using PPC at 10x efficiency.

3. Droga5

About Droga5

Droga5 was founded in 2006. The company helps firms with marketing solutions that create genuine connections with people and drive results. It has been named Agency of the year for more than 25 years.

Droga5 is a subsidiary of Accenture after its takeover by the company in April 2019. The company has an employee strength of 500 - 1,000, making it one of the biggest marketing firms in New York. 

Droga5 has worked with top clients like The New York Times, Hennessy, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Huggies, Accenture, etc. 

Droga5 Services

Droga5 business revolves around:

  • business design
  • brand experience innovation
  • integrated campaigns
  • performance marketing

Droga5 results

Droga5 helped Under Armour, a powerful athletic brand, reach an untapped market - women.

Droga5 arranged the #ForTheThrone campaign that gave the Game of Thrones show a seismic sendoff (Note: the company won awards for the work).

4. McGarryBowen

About McGarryBowen

McGarrybowen was founded in 2002. It was the biggest independent advertising agency in New York when Dentsu acquired it in 2008.

McGarryBowen, a multiple Agency of the Year winner, has over 750 employees and a long list of top-tier clients. Its clients include Canon, Disney, Chevron, Toyota, Intel, Subway, Hallmark, etc.

McGarryBowen Services

The services of McGarryBowen include Brand strategy, brand transformation consulting, consumer insight, market research and analysis, creative ideation, influencer marketing, public relations, etc.

McGarryBowen Results

McGarryBowen created Coca-Cola’s “real magic to Christmas” campaign that reconnected the brand to the Christmas season powerfully and passionately. 

Helped Volkswagen innovate its travel experience by creating a location-based interactive audiobook and a campaign that transforms regular car rides into magical stories.

5. McCann Worldgroup

About McCann Worldgroup

McCann Worldroup is one of the world's largest advertising agencies. Though McCann Worldgroup was formed in 1997 it is part of the Interpublic Group that can be traced to 1902.

McCann Worldgroup operates in over 120 countries and has more than 24,000 workers. The company works with companies that include Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Nestle, Microsoft, Mastercard, Nespresso, Cigna, and more. 

McCann Worldgroup Services

The company’s services include advertising & marketing, branding & design, PR & influencing, CRM, corporate positioning, creating campaigns, etc.

McCann Worldgroup Results

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, McCann Worldgroup partnered with State Street Global Advisors to create “The Fearless Girl” on Wall Street. This statue of a daring young girl became a global phenomenon within 2 hours. 

6. BBDO Worldwide

About BBDO Worldwide

BBDO is a worldwide advertising agency, making it one of the biggest in New York. It started as the Batten Company in 1891, then it became BBDO in 1928 after a merger with BDO (Barton, Durstine & Osborn).

Having over 250 locations across 80+ countries, BBDO has over 15,000 employees. The company’s long list of clients includes Guinness, Boohoo, Snickers, GE, Samsung, Visa, Macy’s, Mountain Dew, etc.

BBDO Services

BBDO’s range of services includes brand management, design, campaign strategy, direct marketing, interactive marketing, etc.

BBDO Worldwide results

Created the popular Snickers “You’re Not You When You're Hungry” campaign, which features Mr. Bean.

7. Strawberry Frog

About Strawberry Frog

Strawberry Frog prides itself on using a human-centered approach to marketing and transformation. The company started operation in New York in 2005, but it had started six (6) years earlier in Amsterdam.

Strawberry Frog has over 100 employees and a clientele list that includes Emirates Airline, Coca Cola, Heineken, Northell, Truist, etc. 

Strawberry Frog Services

Strawberry Frog offers marketing, advertising, design, brand consultancy, market research, content creation, etc. 

Strawberry Frog Results

Created the Heineken “Meet You There” campaign, which was a hit in the brand’s sports sponsorship for the UEFA Champions League, delivering 5.3% volume growth in the Premium segment.

8. Manifest

About Manifest

Manifest is a content marketing agency whose goal is to make brands “unmistakable” and “manifest.” Though the company was established in 2015, its roots can be traced to the 30+-year-old McCurry Publishing (TMG) LLC.

Manifest has over 200 employees and a clientele that includes Cleveland Clinic, Paper & Packaging, AARP, Marriott, Staples, Express Scripts, EdwardJones, etc.

Manifest Services

Manifest says it's “damn good” at branded content, journalistic content, digital experiences, and performance marketing. In fact, it claims to be the company that invented content marketing. 

Manifest Result

Manifest helped Allstate to gamify the driving experience for its drivers. The solution tracks driving habits and makes driving safer.  

9. Bayard Advertising

About Bayard Advertising

Bayard Advertising is an advertising agency focusing on employer branding and talent acquisition. It helps firms get talents.

Including the NYC office, Bayard Advertising has seven (7) offices across the U.S, with 350 employees. Bayard Advertising has worked with companies like Expedia, Walmart, Marriott, E&J Gallo Winery, Alstate, and HCA Healthcare.

Bayard Advertising Services

The company helps firms use analytics to inform strategy, maximize exposure, build an efficient application process, attract talent, etc.

Bayard Advertising Result

Bayard Advertising designed a more refreshing employer brand identity and career site for E&J Gallo Winery to create exceptional candidate experiences. This and other guerilla marketing tactics delivered an 82% increase in applicants from surrounding markets.

10. Neon - An FCB Health Company

About Neon

Neon is a healthcare advertising agency known for “producing groundbreaking ideas that save lives.” The company was founded in 2009 and now has 200+ employees. In 2017, it received MM&M’s Silver Award for Mid-Size Agency of The Year.

Neon’s clientele includes: Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation, WHO, Pfizer, Abbvie, Exact Sciences, etc.

Neon Services

The company specializes in pharmaceutical advertising, DTC/ DTP, scientific services, multi-channel marketing, experiential marketing, branded content/ content creation, etc

Neon Result

Neon was the brain behind the hugely popular “The Last I’m Sorry” campaign. The aim was to save lives by highlighting another form of domestic abuse.

11. True North Inc

About True North Inc

True North Inc is an independent advertising agency. It promises to take your brand “north” by crafting your authentic story and connecting it with your audience.

The company was founded in 1994 and has grown to about 50 employees. Its clients include Make A Wish, Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Doctors Without Borders, LA Times, Adlens Ltd, etc.

True North Inc Services

The company specializes in data analytics and insights, digital strategy, digital production, online media, email marketing, omnichannel creative development, etc.

True North Inc Result

It’s the brain behind the “30 Days of Strength” campaign to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The digital marketing campaign, which celebrated the “power of will”, showed how you can overcome challenges by pushing your limits. It raised more funds (171%) than the campaign's digital fundraising goals.

12. Marke Communications

About Marke Communications

Marke Communications is an advertising agency started in 1979. Today, it is a leading “tradigital” agency, as it offers both traditional and digital marketing services. The mid-size company has 50+ employees.

Some notable clients of Marke Communications are Anthropologie, American Diabetes Association, Philadelphia University, Rue Insurance, John Lewis, etc.

Marke Communications Services

What the company can do for you include analytics, advertising, direct marketing, branding, public relations, catalogs, etc. 

Marke Communications Result

Marke Communications created emotive campaigns that increased engagement/ business for clients. Examples include the “While others are doing heart surgery, we’re busy preventing it” and “Former cancer patient. Current Soccer mom” print materials for Capital Health Systems.

13. Engine Shop

About Engine Shop

Engine Shop is an experiential marketing agency that focuses on sports, gaming, entertainment, lifestyle, and culture. It measures “impressions” not just by stats but also by “how impassioned engagements make people feel.”

The company, which started in 2012, now has over 50+ employees. Its clientele includes Bud Light, Mercedes Benz, Three Olives Vodka, ESPN, IKEA, etc.

Engine Shop Services

The company's services include engagement campaigns, entertainment marketing, gaming & esports marketing, earned media/ stunts, event production, etc.

Engine Shop Result

Engine Shop created the BL6 for Bud Light. The NextGen gaming console increased purchased considerations by 12%, generated 200M+ impressions, and was auctioned for $24k.

14. Agency 212

About Agency212

Agency212 is an independent advertising agency formed in early 2005, getting its name from the area code of its NYC base. With 20+ staff, it’s big enough to deliver and small enough to think on its feet. The company’s client list includes Viking, Generic Electric, Cavit, Lindsay Phillips, and Amazon.

Agency212 Services

The agency’s services are advertising, marketing, loyalty and affinity marketing, event marketing, strategic planning, media planning and buying, email marketing, branding, product placement, etc.

Agency212 results

Created the resounding “value is the new luxury” campaign for Loews Hotels Resorts, which positioned the hotel as delivering both value and luxury.

15. The Food Group (TFG)

About TFG

The Food Group is “a group o unapologetic foodies” focused on helping companies in the food and beverage industry “get their products into more people’s mouths.” 

TFG started in 1968 and now has over 50+ employees. Its client list includes Sunkist, Tabasco, Kraft Heinz, Del Monte, Dannon, etc.

The Food Group Services

To promote Sunkist blood oranges, TFG helped the brand arrange a meet-up with industry influencers and transform on-site learning into an unforgettable sensory experience.

The Food Group Result 

To promote Sunkist blood oranges, TFG helped the brand arrange a meet-up with industry influencers, and to transform the on-site learning into an unforgettable sensory experience.

16. Hey Oxford

About Hey Oxford

Hey Oxford is a digital marketing company that promises to help people with the daunting task of growing their businesses. It started in 2015 and is a relatively small agency with 10+ employees. The clientele of Hey Oxford includes Pfizer, Braun, Kondition, Livekick Fitness, etc. 

Hey Oxford Services

The advertising agency's services include brand strategy, brand awareness campaigns, growth hacking, social media ads and strategy, paid search marketing, etc.

Hey Oxford result

Developed a brand story, a market strategy, and an after-launch engagement plan to deliver the first-ever e-commerce launch of the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer  

17. Karlen  Williams Graybill (KWG) Advertising 

About KWG Advertising

Karlen Williams Graybill (KWG) is an advertising and marketing firm in New York that says it is not like any other.

KWG was founded in 1968 and is a relatively large company with 100 - 200 employees. Its clientele includes OLLY, Allegra, Gold Bond, Icy Hot, French’s, etc.

KWG Services

KWG offers services that include brand strategy, analytics and insights, media buying, campaign ideation & concepting, asset development and production, project management, etc

KWG Result

KWG created the #Momsplaining series for OLLY. The media campaign saw over 81.5m video views and grew sales by 39%.

18. Biolumina

About Biolumina

Biolumina is a full-service healthcare agency that works with firms to bring solutions to the oncology community. It claims to “go beyond the rational and use emotional hooks to tap into customers’ hearts.”

The company started in 2008 and has 100 - 200 employees. Its clients include Novartis, AstraZeneca, Celldex, Legend Biotech, Janssen, etc.

Biolumina Services

Its services include Scientific and technical consulting, pharmaceutical advertising, specialty brand placement, etc.

Biolumina result

Biolumina is the brain behind many disease education campaigns, including the “See Breast, Think Brain” campaign in the metastatic breast cancer space.

19. MKG Experiential Marketing

About MKG Experiential Marketing

MKG Experiential Marketing is a women-owned and operated agency that claims to humanize brands through creative storytelling and thoughtful engagements. It was started in 2003 and now has 45+ employees. 

Its clients include Target, Fila, Dos Equis, Motorola, Google, Delta Airlines, Barbie, Barbie, etc.

MKG Services

MKG categorizes its service offerings into four:

  • Creative - insight research and development, concept and campaign development, copywriting and scripting, etc.
  • Accounts - competitive analysis, inter-agency relations, KPI measurement, etc.
  • Design - graphics design, web design, UX & interface design, etc
  • Production - event production, digital production, content production, etc

MKG Results

MKG led the creation of a pop-up to celebrate Barbie's 60th anniversary. It created real-world interactions with a physical timeline to highlight Barbie’s achievements and life-size versions of Barbie dolls and her dream house. The result was fun and inspiring.

20. Daggerwing Group Inc

About Daggerwing Group

Daggerwing Group is a consultancy firm that helps firms succeed in change management.

The Daggerwing Group, which has 100 - 200 employees, started in 1999. It works with Fortune 500 firms like Hertz, Mercedes Benz, CITI, etc.

Daggerwing Group Services

The company helps firms achieve executive alignment, organizational transformation, and culture change. It also helps firms design human-centered approaches that drive employee acceptance.

Daggerwing Group result

The 2019 ALM report named the Daggerwing Group a top 10 global leader in communications and change management consulting for its work in leveraging the power of branking and marketing to enable behavioral and culture change.

21. Launchpad Advertising

About Launchpad

Launchpad is a full-service advertising agency. It has 20 - 50 employees and a client roster that spans Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. These include Nestle Waters, The Wall Street Journal, Logitec, NimbleTV, Pulsepoint, etc.

Launchpad Services

The company's services include strategic planning, branding, analytics & reporting, advertising (TV, print, radio, etc.), web design, UX/ UI development, content marketing, etc.

Launchpad Results

Developed the “Never Stop” campaign for the Pat Tillman Foundation which turned the 30k runners in its “Pat’s Run” fundraiser into 30k advocates. 

22. GSW

About GSW

GSW is powered by Syneos Health. It is a communications agency focused on creating personalized brand experiences for companies in the health and wellness industry. It is a public company with six (6) offices across the U.S., including New York. It employs 500+ people and has a client roster, including St Elizabeth Healthcare, Lily, Gilead, Genetech, Hollister, Amgen, etc.

GSW Services

Its services include advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, market research, predictive modeling, etc.

GSW Results

GSW developed the popular “redfish” campaign for Pradaxa, where it used simple analogies to educate and form an emotional connection with the target audience. In just six (6) weeks, 50% of the target audience was aware of the “redfish.”

23. Direct Agents

About Direct Agents

Direct Agents is a digital marketing agency specializing in data- and performance-driven customer acquisition solutions. It started in 2003 and now has 100+ employees. The company serves clients like Belkin, NYSE, Hubble, Crackle, First Republic Bank, Colgate, etc. 

Direct Agents Services

The company’s services include social media campaigns, paid media, content strategy, content marketing, SEO services, email marketing, analytics, Amazon e-commerce, etc.

Direct Agents Results

Hubble tasked DA to scale revenue from paid search by 15%. DA created advertising campaigns on Youtube, Google searches, and other channels. The result exceeded goals as it increased subscriptions by 20%.

24. The Gate NY

About The Gate NY

The Gate NY is a creative agency that says it can “get you through walls” to achieve desired business success. The company is about 150 years old and has 50+ employees.

It works with clients like BBC, NBC Universal, Shutterstock, World Gold Council, People’s United Bank, etc

The Gate Services

Walking through this gate, you’ll access services like analytics and insights, digital media, media buying, social media campaigns, digital and print production, brand positioning etc.

The Gate Result

Only super-creativity can connect a tattoo shop with earning arguably the best accounting certification in the world. The Gate NY did that with its “you’ve got to earn it” campaign for CMA.

25. Fishbat Media

About Fishbat Media

Fishbat Media is an advertising brand that says it becomes one with your company when you choose it to grow your brand. It started in 2011. Its headquarter is Patchogue (New York), and it has 20+ employees.

Its clients include Axle, Bellucci, Monster, Ora King, Tastefully Plated, GMIS, etc.

Fishbat Media Services

The company undertakes SEO, email marketing, influencer marketing, B2 marketing, and website design.

Fishbat Media Result

Fishbat’s SEO solution for Monster helped the company identify all issues that made Google penalize its two websites. Then Fishbat re-established rankings, increasing revenue by 400% in just eight (8) months. 

26. Merkley + Partners

About Merkley + Partners

Merkley + Partners is an integrated marketing agency that executes marketing strategies and offers solutions to clients to help their brands navigate change and remain “ahead of the curve.”

It was started in 1993 and has 100+ employees. Its long list of clients includes Bic, Citrus World, Espree, Novartis, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Fanapt, etc.

M+P Services

M+P offers services that include brand strategy, marketing strategy, content marketing, digital strategy, digital marketing, etc.

M+P Results

M+P created several emotive digital content for Mercedes Benz to take the brand to greater heights in the luxury market. An example is the “You're not buying a car. You’re buying a brief” ad.

27. iFuel Interactive

About iFuel Interactive

iFuel Interactive is a 360-degree advertising and web development agency. The company is a Magento Solutions partner. It started in 2005 and now has 20+ employees. Its clients include Unilever, Cavit, Voss, Colorwow, Amazon, Loews, etc.

iFuel Interactive Services

iFuel is a full-service agency that handles everything from branding to e-commerce development. Services include media planning, web development, website optimization, consumer insights, advertising, etc.

iFuel Interactive Resul t

Designed and developed the “Nurses Get Certified” website to deliver easy content publication and smooth e-commerce operation. 

28. Tronvig

About Tronvig Group

The Tronvig Group is a boutique strategic agency in Brooklyn, New York. It started in 1997 and now has 15+ employees. It has worked with companies like The Health Museum, International Rescue Mission, Yale University, Golden Apple, PartnerRe, etc.

Tronvig Services

The group offers several services, including brand strategy, marketing strategy, consulting, advertising, branding, brand positioning, 

Tronvig Result

Tronvig developed a brand identity for Pen America. The brand identity (a consolidated name, logo, and tagline) gave PEN America a clear and singular message for the first time. 

29. Acronym

About Acronym

Acronym is a digital marketing agency that helps companies connect with customers online. This company uses patented proprietary technology to execute marketing strategies. It started in 1995 and now has its headquarters in the iconic Empire State Building in NYC.

Acronym employs 100+ employees, and its notable clients include Google, Adobe, Tealium, Invoca, etc.

Acronym Services

Acronym’s services include PPC campaigns, organic brand engagement, marketing automation, data engineering, social media campaigns, e-commerce solutions, etc.

Acronym Result

Acronym develops and owns algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies to manage terabytes of marketing data and millions of keywords.

30. eMojo Digital Marketing

About eMojo Digital Marketing 

eMojo is a New York marketing agency that does “everything digital.” It claims to “offer measurable, dollar-driving, ROI positive results.” The company started in 2012. It remains a small agency with 15+ employees, but it has top-tier clients like Discuss.io, Merican Mule, Altium, Ravello, etc.

eMojo Digital Marketing Services

The company’s services are search engine optimization, paid campaign management, social media management, web development, conversion rate, optimization, and online reputation management.

eMojo Result

Its SEO solution for Altium increased organic ranking, traffic (by 180%, and conversion (by 310%).

31. Lounge Lizard Marketing Agency

About Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a multi-award-winning digital marketing and web design agency that calls itself “brandtender and marketing mixologist”.

The company started in 1998 and now has 20 - 50 employees. Its clients include Blue Foundry bank, BNSF Logistics, Agility, A&E, Reuters, Universal, etc.

Lounge Lizard Services

Its services include web design, web development, branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

Lounge Lizard Result

Louge Lizard helped Twisthink website redesign and rebranding. The lizards’ solutions refreshed the brand logo, added SEO-optimized and catchy copies that grabbed visitors’ attention within 7 seconds, etc. Website visitors and time spent on the website increased. 

32. Oak Digital

About Oak Digital 

Oak Digital is one of the best digital marketing agencies in New York. It started in 2015 and now has 20+ employees. The company runs programs for clients like Detroit Pistons, UFC, Alpha Industries, Freshly, HP, Eye Buy Direct, etc.

Oak Digital Services

The company's services include affiliate marketing, paid search marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization, etc.

Oak Digital Result

Oak Digital helped Medical Alert with its SEM takeover. The work increased the conversion rate by 18%. The brand’s online presence also went up as well as profits.

33. WiserBrand

About WiserBrand

WiserBrand is an e-commerce expert that helps firms turn their web-based platforms into effective channels for incoming sales. The company started in 2015. It now has 20+ employees and a clientele that includes Le Komora, HireRush, Furniture Shop, Coffee House, Red Rock Entertainment etc.

WiserBrand Services

WiserBrands offers services that include marketing (SEM, SMM, PPC, and content marketing), e-commerce development, website design, etc.

WiserBrand Result

WiserBrand helped Le Komora reposition its website so it appears at the right moment in Google Search results and to engage with its core audience. WiserBrand’s work increased impressions (from 43.2k to 123k) and clicks (from 1.53k to 3.21k). It helped the brand broaden its online reach and meet sales goals.

34. Branch & Bramble

About Branch & Bramble

Branch & Bramble is a digital marketing agency that claims to have “perfected the formula to make a lasting impact in the online world.” It was founded in 2016 and has about 10 employees.

Branch & Bramble has clients like Hotel 50 Bowery, Simon & Schuster, Barbara Walter, etc.

Branch & Bramble Services

The company’s services include strategic planning, social media advertising, paid advertising, partnership management, content development, etc.

Branch & Bramble Result

B&B helped Barbara Walter launch her author brand and best selling book - How Civil War Starts. B&B’s content ideation and engagement strategy drove the client’s visibility growing Twitter followers by over 800%, and engagement rate by 4.4%.

35. Markacy

About Markacy

Markacy is a digital strategy agency that helps firms meet marketing benchmarks. Its tagline is: “Make your Mark.” It was started in 2017 and has 20+ employees. Its clients include Hobo, United Sodas of America, Mosaic, Diggs, ettitude, etc.

Markacy Services

Its services include strategic planning, e-commerce development, social media marketing, branding, video production, etc.

Markacy Result

Markacy helped Oar + Alps with e-commerce optimization to implement a growth methodology and scale revenue across organic channels. The results were outstanding - a 59x increase in ROAS, a 95% increase in MER and a 22% increase in toppling revenue.

36. SmartSites

About SmartSites

SmartSites is a digital marketing agency that promises to help firms outsmart the competition. The multi-award agency was started in 2011 but has grown to employ  200+ people.

It has an impressive list of clients that includes Classic Audi, A-Absolute, Rakuten, Proxy Key, etc.

SmartSites Services

It offers web design, website development, search engine optimization PPC advertising, e-commerce development, digital strategy, etc.  

SmartSites Result

SmartSites has launched 900+ websites and generated $100M+ client revenue. For example, SmartSites helped A&A coating update its brand name, logo, and website to properly promote its niche products. The new brand identity increased site traffic by 110% and organic search results by 118%.

37. Amra & Elma

About Amra & Elma

Amra & Elma is a full-service New York marketing agency founded by two influencers with a combined social media following of over 2 million. Amara & Elma is a good social media marketing company. 

The agency was started in 2012 and has 20+ employees. Amra & Elma have worked with clients like Nestle, Netflix, Avon, Uber, HTC, Net-A-Porter, Pfizer, P&G, etc.

Amra & Elma Services

The agency offers services that include social media management, influencer marketing, media buying, photo and video production, PR, branding, events production, etc. 

Amra & Elma Result

A&E helped Wells Fargo to increase its footprint in their branches for their holiday charity event. The agency engaged influencers to use their social media channels to tell people about the event. The result was a 405% increase in foot traffic, a 783% increase in donations, and a 112% increase in ROI.

38. Aumcore

About Aumcore

Aumcore advertises with the tagline “digital is our native language.” The New York marketing agency focuses on using digital strategy to help firms achieve business success.

It was started in 2010 and has 20+ employees. Its clients include McIntosh, Comodo, Unilever, Coca-Cola, eviCore, etc.

Aumcore Services

Aumcore offers:

  • Strategic services like Brand strategy, digital strategy, PPC, mobile SEO, content planning, etc
  • Creative services like infographics, video production, print design, digital design, photography, etc
  • Developmental services like mobile app and web development, platform integration, CMS, etc

Aumcore Result

Aumcore helped Unilever to burst the myth on one of its products (margarine). The SEO-optimized content delivered 5x growth in organic traffic and was on page 1 search results.

39. Flightpath

About Flightpath

Flightpath is a strategic digital agency in NYC’s Flatiron. It claims to harness digital channels to create real business values. The company started in 1994 and has 20 - 50 employees.

Some clients of the company are NBC, UNDP, Covatec, Organic Girl, Akzo Nobel, etc

Flightpath Services

Flighpath offers expertise in digital strategy, social media, digital marketing, UX/ web design, paid media, email marketing, etc.

Flightpath Result

Goya Food tasked Fightpath with directing its digital movement. The agency created a multi-faceted digital ecosystem for the brand that includes a website, SEO, social media, and email. The result was a 270% increase in website traffic, 345% increase in organic traffic, and 132% increase in social conversions. 

40. Hunter Digital

About Hunter Digital 

Hunter Digital is a digital marketing and online optimization agency focused on helping firms excel. Operating with about 10 employees since it started in 2010, Hunter Digital has managed over $25million in marketing budgets from over 200 clients.

Its client includes AutoRentals, American Express, Adidas, PRoWorld, Sweet Oaks Wine, etc.

Hunter Digital Services

Its services include digital marketing, paid search marketing, social media advertising, e-commerce development, SMS marketing, etc.

Hunter Digital Result

Bikini.com tasked Hunter Digital to help it achieve a positive ROI on Google shopping. Hunter optimized the product feed so that the products are easier to find. Ultimately, the brand’s revenue increased 17 fold.

41. Ketchum

About Ketchum

Ketchum was founded as a PR firm in 1928 and quickly became an ad agency. Today, it is one of the biggest PR/ ad agencies in the world. The company employs 1,000+ people.

Its impressive list of clients includes Gillette, Wendy’s, National Chicken Council, Maytag, etc.

Ketchum Services

Ketchum offers services that include public relations, advertising, communications management, digital strategy, etc.

Ketchum Result

Ketchum created the “Its Gonna be Maytag” ad which helped the brand (Maytag) with its retail promotion in the month of May. Within hours, the ad went viral, generating 118 media stories and 169M impressions.

42. Brand Connections

About Brand Connections

Brand Connections is an advertising and digital marketing company in New York with a focus on giving shoppers the confidence to make informed purchase decisions. It was started in 2001 and has 500+ employees. It serves clients like Hero, Proximo, Method, etc

Brand Connections Services

The services of the company include product sampling, physical and online demos, marketing, experiential marketing, digital strategy, etc.

Brand Connections Result

BC helped Method improve customer experience and grow revenue. The agency’s solution created multiple paths of shopper engagement like gamifying of add-to-cart and including shareable photo opportunities.

43. RAPP

About RAPP

RAPP is a global creative marketing agency headquartered in New York. The company says it is “fiercely individual,” which enables it to develop solutions that talk to people one-on-one.

RAPP was formed in 1965. In its worldwide locations, it has over 1,000 employees. The company has clients like Abbot, Exxon Mobil, Ford, IKEA, Nestle, Lilly, etc.

RAPP Services

RAPP provides analytics, creative services, digital marketing, social media marketing, Media production, etc.

RAPP Result

RAPP created the year-long “save the pangolin” campaign for the World Wildlife Fund. The solution included an interactive website, extensive media exposure, and offline ads that won the Tencent Public Welfare Award.

44. Shoot You

About Shoot You

Shoot You is an award-winning creative agency that specializes in video and animation. It helps be-spoke production to help firms bring their vision to life. Shoot You was started in 2000, and it has 20 - 50 employees.

The company has clients that include Moonpig, M&S, Siemens Healthneers, J.P. Morgan, etc.

Shoot You Services

Shoot You develops films, animations, motion graphics, corporate video, after effects, interactive web pages, podcasts, etc.

Shoot You Result

Shoot You helped FDI create a fun and vibrant stop motion animation to promote World Oral Health Day.

45. Neon Ambition

About Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is an advertising service that claims to “know what our customers want and how to reach them.” It was started in 2013 and as 20+ employees.

The company has worked with ISSUU, Grande, Brookfield Residential, The Grove, etc.

Neon Ambition Services

The competencies of Neon Ambition are in Paid search (PPC), search engine optimization, content marketing, web design, social media marketing, digital marketing, conversion optimization, etc.

Neon Ambition Result

Despite having a well-designed website and lots of content, FVF was having trouble ranking well on Google. Neon Ambition helped craft an SEO strategy that delivered a 993% increase in traffic.

46. Power Digital Marketing

About Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing is a full-service marketing agency promising to help you evolve into your full potential with digital marketing solutions. It started as a 12-people company in 2012 but is now a large company with 200+ employees. It services like like P&G, Dropbox, Spanx, UniQlo, Freshly, Airbnb, etc.

Power Digital Marketing Services

Just like most digital marketing agencies, Power Digital Marketing offers content marketing, affiliate marketing, creative services, influencer marketing, digital marketing, Amazon and Retailer marketing, SEO, etc.

Power Digital Marketing Result

Helped TomboyX improve its organic presence in the fiercely competitive fashion space. PDM SEO solution delivered a 151% rise in page one rankings, a 51% rise in new sessions and users, and a 50% increase in organic revenue.

47. Metric Theory

About Metric Theory

As its name suggests, Metric Theory is a data-driven performance digital marketing agency. It was started in 2012, and has 50+ employees, but has managed $500m in ad spend.

Metric Theory has worked with 400+ clients, including GoFundMe, Tradesy, lyft, Optimizely, Winc, Zenefits, etc.

Metric Theory Services

Its service includes search engine marketing, paid social, display and remarketing. Shopping ads, product feed management, digital video, etc.

Metric Theory Result

Metric Theory used digital marketing to establish Tradesy as the first stop for luxury women’s fashion. MT’s used SEM, social, and more to deliver solutions that increased Tradesy’s new customer acquisition and ROAS by 19% and 60% respectively.

48. Cutwater

About Cutwater

Cutwater is a NY advertising agency that claims to have superpowers in reinventing legacy brands and building new ones. The company was started in 2007 and has 20+ employees. Its list of clients includes Russell Stover, Axos, Unison, Jeep, Brawny, etc. 

Cutwater Services

Cutwater’s services include content creation, communications planning strategy, media buying, brand identity, marketing campaigns, etc.

Cutwater Result

Feeding America engaged Cutwater to make people get involved in the organization. Cutwater rolled out the successful “Hunger” campaigns to increase awareness of the organization, making it the second most recognized charity (after the Red Cross).

49. Column Five

About Column Five

Column Five is a New York creative agency that specializes in content marketing. It claims to use the power of “story to help brands meet their customers and build lasting relationships.”

The company started in 2009 and has about 12 employees. Some of its clients are Uber, Dropbox, Netflix, Salesforce, Intuit, and Zendesk.

Column Five Services

The company’s services include brand strategy, content strategy, content creation, and distribution strategy.

Column Five Result

Colum Five helped Course Hero to translate complex materials on the learning platform into easy-to-digest study guides. The agency used infographics in its solution. It generated traffic for the brand and earned it thousands of followers and engagements.

50. Kworq

About Kworq

Kworq is a creative agency that promises to use the “science of story to grow your brand.” It was started in 2011 and has 10+ employees.

Kworq has worked with companies like nanit, eyelo, echo, Hickey Freeman, verizon, etc.

Kworq Services

Kworq offers strategy (market research, social media, brand identity, etc), creative (visual design, UI/ UX design, copywriting, etc), and production (websites, apps, 2D & 3D motion graphics, etc)

Kworq Result

Kworq helped rebrand Harry Chapin Music to celebrate the musician’s 30 years legacy. The solution involved redesigning the brand's logo and updating the website to reflect Harry’s journey. The result was a website that represented Harry well and made it easy to buy his merchandise.

51. SGK

About SGK

SGK is a marketing firm that claims to simplify marketing to amplify brands and deliver value. It is a global company that has been around for 75 years and has 6,500+ employees. 

It has a long list of clients, which includes Heineken, Bulla, Zero Plastic, Nature Valley, etc.

SGK Sevices

Its services include content production, brand development, package design, SaaS, print support, etc

SGK Result

SGK created the large pack packaging concept for the Heineken Dry January campaign for its non-alcoholic drink. It facilitated the rollout of the cans to fans of the brand.

52. Creative House

About Creative House

Creative House is a creative agency that develops solutions that help brands connect with humanity’s emotions. The company has been creating experiences to transform brands for over 12 years. It has 20+ employees and a clientele that includes First Independence Bank, CBM, Aristpkraft, CitizensFirst, etc. 

Creative House Services

Its services include advertising, digital marketing, strategy/ planning, PR, media services, and music. 

Creative House Result

Creative House wrote and produced original music for Citizen First to promote its brand. The successful project helps customers feel an emotional connection to the brand.

53. SKAGGS Creative


SKAGGS Creative is a New York-based advertising firm that focuses on beauty and hospitality. The company started in 1998 as a graphic design studio. But it is now a full-service creative studio with 20+ employees. Its clients include Microsoft, NASA, Bioeffect, Aston Martin, Papaya King, etc.

SKAGGS Services

SKAGGS specializes in brand identity, packaging, web design and development, e-commerce development, product photography, sales and marketing, etc


SKAGGS used a “photography + web development” solution to give Leather Spa an easy-to-navigate and informative website with aesthetically pleasing images that showcase the company’s skills.

54. WebFX

About WebFX

WebFX says it is all about data-fueled digital marketing that drives revenue. To find the best digital marketing agency, look for agencies with proprietary technologies. WebFX is one of them. The company started in 1996 and it currently employs 200+ people.

It has 700+ clients, which include Rowan University, Subway, Kangol, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Sysco, etc.

WebFX Services

The company offers services that include SEO and lead generation, digital marketing, B2B e-commerce, content marketing, UX website design, etc.

WebFX Result

Furbo was already a #1 best-seller but needed to scale visibility and target Black Friday shoppers. WebFX solution moved from standard to smart shopping campaigns, delivering a 348% increase in revenue.

55. Crafted

About Crafted

Crafted advertises as a “brad-first creative agency,” promising to put your brand first and get results for you using digital marketing services. Crafted started in 2011 and has 20 - 50 customers. 

The company work with clients like BMW, Nike, Pavan, AppleInsider, PAper Lane, etc.

Crafted Services

The services of Crafted include branding, design (website design, app design, etc), content (animation, photography, copywriting, etc), strategy (research, analysis, etc), marketing, etc.

Crafted Result

Crafted helped to transform the Influenster platform, taking it from just 10,000 users to the million-dollar network that it currently is.

56. Moburst

About Moburst

Moburst is a mobile-first marketing agency. It uses creative thinking data, and technology to help companies scale up. The company started in 2013 in Israel, and the New York office opened one year later. It currently has 50+ employees.

Its clients range from startups to Fortune 1000 companies - Reddit, Uber, Discovery, Gett, Pfizer, Samsung, etc.

Moburst Services

Moburst specializes in mobile strategy, app store optimization,  creative services, video production, web design and development, media buying, influencer marketing, etc.

Moburst Result

Moburst helped Samsung promote its Galaxy App Store to boost downloads and increase revenue. Moburst solution grew downloads and revenue by 79% and 36% respectively.

57. Encite Branding + Marketing + Creative

About Encite

Encite advertises as “the marketing agency that builds your business.” The company offers integrated marketing services. It started in 2005 and has about 10 employees. Its clients include Akimbo, Deno, Regis, Sonsio, etc.

Encite Services

Encite offers branding (corporate identity, brand positioning, etc), marketing (advertising, PR, events marketing, etc), creative (art direction, marketing collateral, etc), 

Encite Result

Encite helped Regis to develop a campaign that highlights its unique approach to education. It was a hit with the target audience as Regis received almost 150 RSVPs in the first week alone.

58. Brandopus

About Brandopus

Brandopus is a global branding agency. It helps brands come to life through ideas. Brandopus started in 2007 and has about 70 employees. It works with companies that include McCain, Panera, Oscar Mayer, Wiggle, Ramblers, etc.

Brandopus Services

Brandopus offers services that include brand design, brand creation, corporate identity, etc

Brandopus Result

Brandopus helped McCain to evolve beyond a mass manufacturer of fast food. The solution repositioned McCain and help it command a premium.

59. AMP Agency

About AMP Agency

AMP Agency advertises as a “brand ecosystem agency,” saying it crafts useful marketing and solutions to grow businesses. It started in 1995. It now has 5 offices across the U.S. and employs 200+ staff.

The company’s clients include Combe, Giant, National Geographic, Sigma, etc.

AMP Agency Services

AMP Agency specializes in digital strategy, experience design and development, PR, influencer marketing, mobile web development and web design, voice marketing, SEO, etc.

AMP Agency Result

AMP Agency gave Vizio a brand makeover. The agency’s solution change the story from dry product specs to lifestyle benefits and helped the brand expand into new markets.

60. Fearless Media

About Fearless Media

Fearless Media advertises as offering fearless marketing that is digital to the core. It promises to be the partnership your brand needs to reach “a relevant place in today’s fast-paced world.”

Fearless Media started in 2009 and it has 20+ employees. The company has a client list that includes Media Post, Game Marketing Summit, Redbox, etc.

Fearless Media Services

The company offers services that include analytics, influencer marketing, media planning, paid search, etc.

Fearless Media Result

Fearless Media helped ID Software promote its new game Rage. The agency solution involved a collaboration with the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad. It ensured maximum exposure and engagement for the game.


New York City is literally full of marketing agencies. Junto, RAPP, BBDO, McCann Worldgroup, Ketchum, Droga5, and McGarryBowen are some of the best.

However, Junto stands out from the rest and is our top pick. Junto’s marketing services are exceptional. In addition, Junto has/ offers:

  • An expert team that executes efficiently. It has a strict recruitment process, runs weekly internal training courses, and has vibrant leadership.
  • Exceptional support based on your growth. It will have strong interactions with you
  • An innovative financial model to grow even further. Its business proposal has flexible terms.

Make smart use of digital to grow faster than your competitors. Contact Junto today.