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Understanding BtoB characteristics and the value of investing online

Shopping trips are most often made online and average shopping baskets are higher, making it possible to support an online customer acquisition process. The targeting possibilities are far superior to offline marketing, trade shows, etc.

The main difference between BtoB companies that invest online and those that do not is a difference in mindset.

A more restricted search environment

Advanced use of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn audiences

More content to support users

Measurement tools to analyze sales performance (CRM, Marketing Automation)

The benefits of investing online

Generating demand online and building your marketing fortress before deploying an old-fashioned sales team is a strong strategic advantage.

CPMs are very low to target professionals.

The conversion of a contact into a customer via an inbound BtoB strategy is 5 to 15 times higher.

We are stronger through our actions!

Our leadership has a very advanced media buying track record.

Raphaël Le Corre

Raphaël Le Corre


Raphaël worked at Google as a Campaign Specialist and supported nearly 250 advertisers on Google Ads before joining Junto to head up operations. Raphaël has a unique advertising and business acumen and he advises Junto's clients on scale and performance.

Etienne Alcouffe

Etienne Alcouffe

CEO & Founder

Etienne Alcouffe is CEO and Founder of Junto. He works with CEOs, Marketing and Head of Growth Directors throughout the USA and Europe, deploying Junto’s new offerings, particularly those related to Growth Strategies, Inbound Marketing, CRM and Ecommerce.