Why Junto

An expert team to execute accurately and efficiently

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Why Junto

A strict recruitment process based on technical and human skills. A preference for competitive candidates

Pre-screening with strict selection criteria

Qualification call

First interview + case study

Practical case study at home

An unparalleled weekly internal training path to hone operational and managerial skills.

100 hours of monthly training

Weekly workshops via Google Meet with Google Dublin teams

Advanced certification sessions organized and paid for by Junto

Dedicated quality team to ensure compliance with new management practices and innovative advertising products

Utilization rate scoring for new ad products

Internal progress plan with J1, J2, S1 and S2 levels

Organization in mode

A track of expertise per lever to ensure leadership on a vast and complex digital ecosystem.

One expert per advertising product: Youtube, Search, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Carefully orchestrated knowledge sharing: MEDIA <> JUNTO <> CLIENT


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Make smart use of digital to grow faster than your competitors

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