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The more your website matures and your teams grow, the more data you generate!

This data must be collected, analyzed and business decisions must be made to improve the performance of your business. How do you do this?

Set up the data collection

The more advanced you are, the more advanced software you will have to implement on your site and the more data you will have to collect within these tools.

Check the quality of your data

The data you collect influences your marketing strategies. It is essential to ensure that this data is reliable, so that you can make the right decisions.

Analyze the data

Basic analysis, source of visit analysis, trend analysis, site performance analysis, content analysis, behavioral analysis, technical analysis, performance analysis.

Configure your tools and reports

Digital analytics tools allow you to segment and cross-reference data to answer your business questions and create targeting.

Set up a synchronization between the client's back office and Google Analytics

Customer information allows you to refine your media strategy and improve performance.

Use data to create audiences and use them in Google Ads

Our beliefs make the difference!

At Junto, we bring in experienced consultants to guide discussions, propose and audit tools, and develop our clients' analytics maturity.

The goal is continuous improvement of site performance through agile project management methodology, analysis and recommendations.

Etienne Alcouffe

Etienne Alcouffe

CEO & Founder

Etienne Alcouffe is CEO and Founder of Junto. He works with CEOs, Marketing and Head of Growth Directors throughout the USA and Europe, deploying Junto’s new offerings, particularly those related to Growth Strategies, Inbound Marketing, CRM and Ecommerce.

Raphaël Le Corre

Raphaël Le Corre


Raphaël worked at Google as a Campaign Specialist and supported nearly 250 advertisers on Google Ads before joining Junto to head up operations. Raphaël has a unique advertising and business acumen and he advises Junto's clients on scale and performance.

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