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Understand your customers' habits on Youtube

Youtube represents an unparalleled audience of more than 2 billion users connected each month. 1 billion hours viewed every day! In France, Youtube is the second most visited website!

Boost your notoriety

With Youtube, you increase your notoriety and you address your potential customers through the power of Google targeting.

Create emotional impact

Create emotional impact

With Youtube videos, you can convey more than just images. Impact is crucial to differentiate yourself.

Pitch your ideas

Youtube facilitates the creation of new brands: you "pitch" your ideas before users even visit your site!

Ease the buying decision

With Youtube, you help users make a purchase decision and encourage them to take action through different types of content.

Our convictions also make the difference!

And if the CPM is still undervalued on Youtube Ads, the growth opportunities are very important.

Your SEO performance is higher and you create brand preference before any commercial contact.

The creation of the video and the broadcasting strategy must be thought out beforehand.

We are stronger through our actions!

Junto leadership has a very advanced track record in media buying on Youtube

Clément Tubéry

Clément Tubéry

Consultant Search, Display & Vidéo

Etienne Alcouffe

Etienne Alcouffe

CEO & Founder

Etienne Alcouffe is CEO and Founder of Junto. He works with CEOs, Marketing and Head of Growth Directors throughout the USA and Europe, deploying Junto’s new offerings, particularly those related to Growth Strategies, Inbound Marketing, CRM and Ecommerce.

Our quality department

Skill score updated every month and is above 90%.

Quality reviews with the consultants every week:

  • Implementation of new advertising products
  • Strategic decisions

Growth roadmap established at the beginning of the partnership with key objectives for the year, semester and three-month period

Structured as a trio with a senior consultant and the operational director to bring in strategy elements

We are selected by Google for our Youtube expertise

Independent agency with the highest growth of investments on Youtube

Unique agency with a track of semi-monthly training dedicated to Youtube with a Youtube representative at Google

Google Partner Premier certification + participation in the "Google Hunter" program (17 companies in France)

BtoC and BtoB companies, SaaS and Ecommerce platforms, they speak better than we do about our expertise

Startups that need to scale their Youtube acquisition

Mon Capital Immo is a training company in rental real estate. Mon Capital Immo had very ambitious growth goals after refining their training product. It had in particular a strong dependence on social networks and the desire to diversify and develop their sources of prospects. In less than 2 months Youtube Ads became their main source of leads while achieving their volume and cost per lead objectives.

Startups that need to scale their Youtube acquisition

Companies that want to work with the best team in the business

GrowthTribe offers growth marketing training to businesses. They decided to work with Junto for their development in France to support their business development. Growthtribe already had visual assets, a strong brand and localized content, but they needed operational support to professionalize their acquisition on all channels. Junto is proud to be able to contribute to this development by ensuring a growing volume of leads and direct sales!

Companies that want to work with the best team in the business

BtoC companies like Quitoque that have already made digital their growth model and continue to raise the bar to reach new goals**.

Quitoque, a subsidiary of Carrefour, offers weekly meal baskets delivered to your home. Quitoque has many internal resources but needed to accelerate to reach its goals. Junto helped Quitoque to change its paradigm by proposing a different approach and a reorganization of the distribution of investments. Junto also intervened to challenge the buying tunnel and the creative approach. The results allowed Quitoque to reach their objectives and continue to grow in a competitive context.

BtoC companies like Quitoque that have already made digital their growth model and continue to raise the bar to reach new goals**.