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TikTok is a serious and growing platform with global ambitions

TikTok is a unique way to have fun and express your creativity. After one year of existence on the French market and 800 million users worldwide, the TikTok audience is driven by millenials and generation Z.

Create and optimize your campaigns

Create and optimize your campaigns

TikTok's self-serve advertising platform allows you to create, manage and optimize your campaigns on TikTok Ads.

Reach an engaged audience

Boost your brand awareness on TikTok (more than 61 minutes of use on average/day).

Understand the "For You" Feed

Each user has access to an ultra-personalized feed and the TikTok algorithm can propose content in relation to their preferences.

Our convictions also make a difference!

To deliver the right content to the right person, we believe that their future products will make their users addicted!

By communicating intelligently, we help you position yourself as an innovative brand.

It's all about embracing Gen Z and creating engaging experiences on the TikTok platform to get the most out of it!

We are stronger by our actions!

We are pioneers in media buying on TikTok

Fatiha Tabti

Fatiha Tabti

Lead TikTok at Junto

Constance Bocquet

Constance Bocquet

Team Leader Paid Media

Our quality department

Skill score updated every month and is above 90%.

Quality reviews with the consultants every week:

  • Implementation of new advertising products
  • Strategic decisions

Growth roadmap established at the beginning of the partnership with key objectives for the year, semester and three-month period

Structured as a trio with a senior consultant and the operational director to bring in strategy elements

We are selected by TikTok for our expertise

We are an independent agency with a strong growth of investments on TikTok

Our priority is to set up and test new TikTok advertising products

BtoC, BtoB, SaaS and Ecommerce companies, they speak better than we do about our expertise

Startups that need to generate application downloads like Sybel

Startups that need to generate application downloads like Sybel

Companies that need to generate direct purchases like Lovebox

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