Popular Digital Marketing Agencies in New York City
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Popular Digital Marketing Agencies in New York City

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Do you need to increase your digital marketing presence but lack in-house resources? Would you prefer hiring a digital marketing agency from New York City that understands your customers and how best to capture their attention? We cultivated a list of the most popular digital marketing agencies in New York City.

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Popular Digital Marketing Agencies in New York City

If you’re looking for an agency, here are some of the most popular and successful digital marketing agencies in New York City. 

1. Jives Media

Jive Media is an award-winning agency with a solid track record of successful digital marketing campaigns. They specialize in web design, GoogleAds, social media, video marketing production, SEO, and marketing consulting. Their client list includes startup companies and Fortune 500 enterprises. 

Jive Media strives to provide full transparency and strong performance throughout the campaign. Located in Manhattan, Jive Media can help you identify and reach more customers through enhanced SEO, a high-performing social media presence, and an optimized website. 

2. Aumcore

Aumcore is a leading global digital marketing agency with over ten years of experience. They have offices in five countries, including their New York City office. They offer a wide variety of strategic services such as user experience design, communications, social media, content planning, SEO, PPC, research, and brand strategy.

Aumcore prides itself on being fully integrated into cutting-edge innovation and technology to give your business a competitive edge. By incorporating the latest technology and strategies, you’ll stay ahead of the competition. 

3. Power Digital Marketing

Power Digital Marketing is another reputable agency specializing in consumer/eCommerce, B2B, D2C lead generation, and private equity industries. Their full suite of services includes PR & outreach, affiliate marketing, creative, Amazon and retailer, CRO, influencer marketing, and paid social. 

By specializing in specific industries, they understand your customer and how to reach them with proven success and blue-chip clients. If your business fits into their niche, they might be the right fit for your business. 

4. Flightpath

Flightpath, another popular digital marketing agency in New York City, focuses on a robust digital strategy to identify your audience and build engagement with your brand. Their core services include social media, content marketing, SEO, PPC, programmatic and display advertising, paid social campaigns and targeted email. 

With over twenty years of web design and development experience, Flightpath understands user experience and how to optimize your website to reflect customer needs. They value search engine visibility, ease of use, scalability, flexibility, brand consistency, clear communication, accessibility, and surprise/delight. 


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5. Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital marketing agency located in New York City with some of the biggest clients in the US, such as Pepsico, KPMG, Canon, SAP, and Doordash. Major Tom integrates channel development, creative tactics, and forward-thinking technologies to ensure success for their clients. 

Major Tom focuses your business’s strategy, development, and creative to work cohesively for optimized performance. You can utilize the full spectrum of their services and talents or customize your digital marketing campaign to reflect a customized a la carte solution. 

6. fishbat

fishbat focuses on strategy, branding, content, and market to create the best solution for getting accurate results and performance. Their services include branding, social media, SEO, online rep management, influencer marketing, website design, content, email, and B2B programs. 

With offices in New York City and Long Island, Fisbat has over twenty years of digital marketing experience with Fortune 500 companies. They have also won awards in NYC for top SEO, social media, local marketing, and email marketing in New York. 

7. Social Media

Social Media is a digital marketing agency in NYC that focuses on analytics and strategy to create the most successful campaign for your business. They specialize in paid search/SEM, SEO, paid social, shopping & feed management, and analytics & reporting.

With a growing track record of substantial performance, Socium won an award for best workplace and company on the rise. Social offers a free consultation to prospective clients to determine if their agency is the right fit for your business. 

8. Thrive Agency

Thrive Agency is a another full-service digital marketing agency with extensive experience in a wide range of industries, delivering high performance and quality customer care. Thrive Agency has been featured in prominent publications, won several industry awards, and have valuable certifications to bolster their expertise with offices around the US. 

Thrive has industry professionals with years of experience in all areas of internet development. They can offer turn-key solutions with proven strategies to convert customers and generate leads. 

9. S&G Content Marketing

S&G Content Marketing focuses on strategy and analytics to identify where to find customers and create content that your customer values, making you a thought leader in your industry. They create marketing campaigns for both digital and print to ensure they capture your audience. 

S&G specializes in video, custom content, content amplification, PR, and media outreach. Voted one of the top three content marketing agencies in NYC by Clutch, S&G is also ranked in the top 50 global content marketing agencies for the past four years.


Last on our list, Berma is a growth marketing lab for production validation. They utilize an Agile process to prototype, validate, and fund ideas through efficient experimentation. Partnered with blue-chip enterprises, Berman strives to provide product validation, content marketing, PR, SEO, social media, PPC, video, and product studio. 

If your business is a startup, then Berma might be the right fit for your business. Not only can they identify your target audience, but they can also validate your products and services for venture capital and enterprises. 


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Final Thoughts

Our list covers some of the best performing and most popular digital marketing agencies in New York City. We have options for outsourcing your marketing campaign that fit all sizes of organizations and industries. 

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