Which West Coast Cities Have the Best Marketing Agencies?

Which West Coast Cities Have the Best Marketing Agencies?

Navigating the digital marketing world is a daunting task for business owners, especially when their time is already spread thin. If you’re looking for the West Coast cities with the best marketing agencies to consider as a digital partner, we’ve got you covered.

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Now, let’s look at nine West Coast cities with the best digital marketing agencies:

1. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a West Coast digital marketing hub that’s home to some of the best marketing agencies, like:

  • Cutwater: This marketing agency is a full-service media and creative advertising form located in San Francisco that specializes in creating new brands, rebranding existing ones, developing campaigns, and planning media.

  • MG Media: This company is a marketing media production agency in San Francisco that offers services including content creation, social media management, photography, and videography.

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California is also home to many of the best digital marketing agencies, including:

  • Avidon Marketing Group: This digital marketing agency is based in LA and works primarily with startups and small businesses that need content marketing, local SEO, paid search management, and digital PR.

  • Jelly Creative: Headquartered in LA, Jelly Creative works with companies to provide SEO, web and app design, content creation, and marketing analytics for clients covering a broad range of industries.

3. San Diego, CA

You can’t talk about West Coast marketing agencies without including San Diego’s top contenders, like:

  • Ignite Visibility: Based in San Diego, Ignite Visibility partners with companies looking to improve their online visibility, brand message, and boost their sales. The company works primarily within the financial, insurance, automotive, and medical industries.

  • L7 Creative: This marketing agency is based in Carlsbad and serves clients all over the San Diego area. L7 Creative offers web development and design, digital and creative marketing, and branding services to its clients.

4. Sacramento, CA

As we continue with digital marketing agencies in the California area of the West Coast, let’s look at two of the best in Sacramento:

  • Arrows Digital Media: This full-service marketing agency, based in Sacramento, uses innovative techniques to boost its clients’ online presence. The company focuses primarily on building custom branding campaigns and social media marketing.

  • Scribe: Scribe works with businesses in the Sacramento area and combines UX with online branding and web marketing strategies. The agency works to design new branding elements and elevate existing ones.

5. San Jose, CA

Finishing up the California West Coast cities with the best marketing agencies, let’s talk about some San Jose companies:

  • Baytech: This San Jose full-service digital marketing agency combines technology and creativity to help its clients create better brand awareness and improve their conversion rates. The company helps identify audiences and create customer personas to develop clear marketing goals.

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  • Collide Digital: Located in San Jose, Collide Digital offers businesses digital marketing packages to improve their conversion rates and increase their online presence. The agency uses web design and development along with industry-specific SEO practices and social media campaigns.


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6. Las Vegas, NV

Moving over to Nevada, Las Vegas is home to some top-tier digital marketing agencies, including:

  • BRAND: Based in Las Vegas, BRAND offers full-service marketing services to various industries. Its primary offerings include branding and identity, web and digital development, and marketing and advertising. The company also helps brands launch, relaunch, and rebrand.

  • Thrive: Thrive is a multi-location marketing agency that works with Las Vegas companies and brands in surrounding areas. The company’s full-service packages handle brands’ creative, strategic, and technical aspects of their digital campaigns.

7. Portland, OR

Now onto the West Coast of Oregon, which is also home to some exceptional digital marketing agencies, like:

  • Anvil Media: Anvil Media is a Portland digital marketing agency that helps local businesses build their online presence. It offers various services, including paid media, shopping campaigns, video production, programmatic displays, and more to its Oregon clients.

  • Jute Creative: This West Coast marketing agency offers full-service programs in the Portland metro area. It provides services like forming a comprehensive brand strategy, messaging communications and positioning, content marketing, branding, and web and app development.

8. Seattle, WA

Looking at the Washington West Coast, Seattle houses some of the best marketing agencies in the area, including:

  • Actuate Media: This Seattle company is a data-driven marketing agency that uses the latest in marketing tech to help brands gain a competitive advantage. The agency offers various services, from display and social media ads to web content and design. They also provide remarketing solutions and video advertising.

  • Project Bionic: Project Bionic was founded in Seattle in 2009 to help local businesses establish a presence on social media. The marketing agency employs market analysts, content writers, branding specialists, and digital strategists to help optimize and increase brand awareness.

9. Spokane, WA

Finally, we’ll finish off our list with another great West Coast city for marketing agencies: Spokane, Washington. These agencies include:

  • Brand It Advertising: This marketing agency serves businesses in Spokane and the surrounding areas. Brand It Advertising offers logo design, branding, web design and development, TV production, graphic design, online marketing, and media buying strategies.

  • Market Vision:  Serving Spokane since 1991, Market Vision offers PPC ad management, SEO marketing and advertising, and media planning services for its clients. They also offer photography and content creation for social media advertisements.

Choosing the Right Marketing Agency For Your Needs


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Now that we’ve covered those nine West Coast cities with the best marketing agencies, we’ll leave you with three tips to help you choose the right one for your brand:

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to hire a digital marketing agency that headquarters in your specific area. At Junto, we help brands worldwide improve their online presence—No matter your location, we can help. Reach out to our team today.

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